Arrive in McGrath

McGrath is located in Interior Alaska, out of the road system. Unless you arrive by the Iditarod Trail, you will fly from Anchorage (ANC) to McGrath (MCG) in one hour. Enjoy the scenic view and keep an eye on navigation instruments for a memorable journey. A single pilot means more adrenaline!

Flight from Anchorage to McGrath, AK

#1: Fly Reeve

Reeve Air Alaska flights from Anchorage to McGrath every weekday. The terminal is located at 4451 Aircraft Dr Ste 105, Anchorage, AK 99502. $550 for a round-trip ticket. Free shuttle to and from the International Airport.

Meat house and meat processing in McGrath, AK

#2: Charter

Charter with your travel buddies for more flexibility. Companies that frequently fly to McGrath:
Hesperus Air Service
Reeve Air Alaska
Alaska Air Transit
Regal Air

Ski or bike the Iditarod Trail to McGrath, AK

#0: Be the Hero!

Arrive by the Iditarod Trail, a challenge that adventurers face every winter by snowmobile, dogsled, fat bike, snowmshoes, backcountry and cross-country skis. Contact us with any questions, we love that kind of travel!

Reach the Roadhouse

The Roadhouse is across the street from charter/general arrivals and within walking distance from McGrath Air Terminal. Please ask ahead of time for assistance.

Airport Arrivals in McGrath, AK

Locate us on Google Maps:
252 McGuires Dr, McGrath, AK

The Roadhouse is the yellow building in downtown McGrath, AK

You can't miss the yellow building in McGrath dowtown!