Local merchants offer gears to prepare your adventure on the trails. Let’s have a closer look at what you will find in town:

Grocery store

Alaska Commercial grocery has a lot of useful products in store and is a mandatory stop for adventurers:

  • dry food and snacks for your trips out of town.
  • fresh food for your first days out.
  • basic survival supplies as matches, candles, batteries, alcohol fuel…
  • the only ATM hundred of miles around! Better be prepared to visit the surrounding villages.
Alaska Commercial grocery

Hazardous materials

If white alcohol (“burning alcohol”) for alcohol stoves is available at the grocery in quantity for your fuel and . Air regulations do not allow pressurized containers in your luggage. For this reason you may want to have a look at Northern Petroleum, the hazardous materials specialist. There are usually available bear repellent sprays and propane cans for your gas stove.

Contact us if you need assistance in preparing your trip or want the help of local guides.




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