During our historic tour we discover various points of interest in McGrath and learn historic facts about the Iditarod Trail. The guided tour is free for all visitors and lasts half a day.

Iditarod trading post

The tour starts at Iditarod Trail Roadhouse, which main facility was built in 1953 as an air terminal and US Post Office. It also served as a general store for residents and as a trading post for travelers of all kinds along the trail, on the long way from Seward to Nome. Nowadays the roadhouse accommodates guests who want to explore Interior Alaska. It is located at the third of the Iditarod Trail, approximately 350 miles from Anchorage.

Historical airport terminal

We will stay on the roadhouse property and time travel to the adjacent building. The old airport control tower will bring us back in the 1970s. It offers a panoramic view on the surroundings : KSKO radio building, Tatalina radar station, Kuskokwim river, old town and far mountains…

McGrath museum

Afterward we will walk across the city and head to McGrath museum, usually open Wednesday and Friday 1pm – 4pm. In the early 1900’s McGrath was a supply center and a trading post during the Gold Rush. McGrath was also a strategic layover for World War 2 cargo planes bringing supplies to the eastern front. During our visit of McGrath museum we will learn in more details what essentials roles the city plaid over times.

McGrath old town

Ultimately if the conditions permit it we will cross the river to the ruins of the old town of McGrath. Back in the 1930s the residents progressively moved from one side of the river to another to face water flooding. This is an example of the strong Alaskan resilience! The Iditarod trail historic tour will end up back at the roadhouse property.




    July 2020
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