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Alaska is incredibly welcoming. Just give a little push to meet local residents in McGrath by visiting their favorite places. You could be surprised by their hospitality!

McGrath local news

What’s up in town? Anytime, anywhere, follow the public Community Message Board and ask your questions. Stay tuned for local news on KSKO Radio 89.5 FM!

McGrath KSKO Radio 89.5

Meet locals at the tavern

Relax and meet locals at McGuire’s Tavern. Share a drink and challenge your travel companions at the pool table or foosball. The tavern hosts popular events such as annual fundraisers, sport events on TV, etc. The bar is adjacent to the Roadhouse and has a liquor store to take away. You’re welcome to enjoy your drinks at the restaurant.

McGrath McGuires Tavern

Popular places for McGrath residents

McGrath USPS Post Office offers international stamps. And you can find nice handcrafted post cards in various places in town. Using postal services is part of any experience in rural Alaska, so you have no excuse not to send some news out of state!

McGrath USPS Post Office

Public library and laundry are located inside of the city building. There you can peacefully watch your clothes drying… and have another chat with residents! More local information can be found on the city official website.

meet local residents at McGrath city hall

You now have many opportunities to meet local residents in McGrath. Take a trip to Takotna or Nikolai to make more great encounters.